Showcase Dance Studio

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Dance Style
Pre-Ballet and Pre-Ballet/Tap:  
This 45 minute class introduces the young dancer to movement, music and basic steps.  Class includes a fun warm up, steps at center and across the floor and coordinated group activities.  
Ballet is the “backbone” of all dance training.  Students will learn vocabulary, steps and combinations in both tap and ballet.  Ballet will teach elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance.  Tap will teach you to hear the music and make your own rhythms.  This is a 45 minute or 1 hour class.  
Classical Ballet:
Ballet is the “backbone” of all dance training.  Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality.  Barre, center work  and across the floor will be taught in each class. 
Jazz has its own vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.  Jazz dance can take on many different characteristics and styles.  Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. Each level of jazz is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty.  Tap will teach you to hear the music and make your own rhythms.  Tap instruction includes technique and combinations. 
Hip Hop:
Hip Hop is about personal style and expression.  This class will introduce students to the vocabulary and style of hip hop movement.  This high energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required. 
Lyrical is a fluid form of dance.  The dancer is taught to interpret movement with feeling, motion and style. They will learn to tell a story or create the picture of the song. This style combines the fluid beauty of ballet with the more sharp moves in jazz.  A Ballet or Jazz class is recommended along with lyrical to build in technique. 
Adult Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap Classes